Thanks for visiting this sight that has been created by friends for an amazing family that is in a time of great need.

Bill Fitzpatrick suffered a massive stroke on January 7, 21014. As you know, Bill is the loving husband to Julie and father of their young sons Will and Kelly. He is the primary breadwinner for the family. As we go through this journey of bringing Bill back to us, they will need all of our support. The time frame is anywhere from 2-8 yrs with the type of massive stroke he experienced with no guarantee of full recovery. In addition, he will also require heart surgery to replace a valve that was damaged

This is going to be a painfully long road for the Fitzpatrick family with very little to no income for the foreseeable future. They will eventually need to reinvent their source of income. But during this initial and critical 2 yr period of spontaneous recovery, the magnitude of Bill’s recovery depends on Julie’s full time support. During this period they will need us: their friends, family and even those that have never met them, to help them through this time of need.

We are seeking monthly contributions to create a steady income. This will be used by the Fitzpatrick family to cover their daily living expenses, provide any necessary support that isn’t covered by their insurance and relieve the stress of knowing whether they will be able to stay in their house and provide for the boys, whose lives are, and will continue to be, greatly impacted on many unpredictable levels.

This  fundraiser was inspired by the Power of 500 People Giving $10/month. We’re not asking anyone to make a financial sacrifice or dig into their own financial security. If everyone gives deeply from their excess/abundance, whether it is $10/month or $500/month, we can support this family through this crisis and positively impact Bill’s recovery and return to health.

How  much should you give? We’re asking you to go as high as you your comfort level allows but with no noticeable impact on your own budget. For some people, this might be $10. For others, it could $500.

This  devastating change arrived rapidly and violently. As a healing balance, our collective generosity will support them with ease and grace over an extended period. And what an amazing thing to be a part of – supporting this loving family with you – building a community around them.